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You won't find a more experienced team of instructors!  We've been training and teaching in multiple styles since childhood.  

We believe in never-ending improvement -we are still learning and practicing...

We lead by example!

Classes at WVMA are aimed at helping people stay healthy and increase their inner strength, while learning an ancient art forms.  

Find out how your family can join together!

Get ready for personal growth, to get fit, learn new skills, and to feel amazing! 

We also operate West Vancouver Yoga out of our facility. Please visit the website for class times, instructors and services.


“When I first went to WVMA back in January 2014, I had no idea that I would not only find a great place to workout, but also a new community of people to share in life’s trials and tribulations.

WVMA has become a major part of my life, both athletically and personally. The cardio-kickboxing program has kept me fit and challenged me both physically and mentally. And the people I’ve met, and become friends with, have made this dojo my “happy place”.

No matter what your skill level, or past experience, WVMA is always a welcoming place. If you want to workout hard, push yourself, be challenged, and meet great people in the process, this is the place for you.


Sensei’s Dean and Curtis keep workouts fresh and dynamic, and the energy high. I’m so grateful for these last few years with WVMA. Thank you for being my Happy Place!” 

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